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Welcome to the DirectEXTRA Resource page for you, the ‘Direct!’ book Reader!

I will be adding new tools, videos, and great downloads like WORKSHEETS here; as an initial Bonus, I am providing you with a CHECKLIST / CHEATSHEET below, that accompanies the book, to help you improve your Campaign Meetings and create terrific and rewarding mailing promotions right now.

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(And if you are a UK based organisation, make sure you check out the free test of Docmail from my Partners – the PC-to-Post system – with £££ of free use!)

Worksheet / Cheatsheet: the full checklist for Marketing and Campaigning Meetings! download

This sheet contains a massive list from 'Direct!' book, giving you the headline issues to discuss with your colleagues whilst setting your campaign and ensuring you consider the most powerful options for maximising impact.

The What to Change, What to Change To, and the HOW to Change table for you to use!download

This table is best used alongside the 'Direct' book, as it explains the terms used in this table, and helps you build an impeccable strategy and authentic approach to direct mail marketing offers.

A must for anyone genuinely wishing to improve their campaigns!


A Legal Checklist for Direct Mail Marketing from the UK's ICO (Information Commissioners Office)download

Keep ahead of legislation and make sure that your direct mail pieces do not contravene law or get you in to trouble!

And if you havent already got a copy, grab yourself one now, from Amazon.

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