- By David James Hood

Sell More using Superior Direct Mail Marketing, Create Compelling Sales Copy, Increase Your Campaigning Effectiveness and Competitive Offer, and Generate More Revenue.

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  • What's in it for Me?

    Why should you buy this book? What will you get out of it? What will you be able to achieve? Improved Revenue!

  • Chapters / Table of Contents

    Easy to follow, quick to read and action Chapters; laid out to read over a coffee or at a Campaign meeting!

  • It's all about Competitiveness!

    The book is an integral part of The Competitiveness Series, giving you a distinct , real competitive advantage.

  • Resources for YOU

    Your copy of 'Direct!' comes with links to superb bonus resources for you, the Reader. Superb ongoing bonuses!


Audio Book

I've teamed up with Jim Raposa so you can listen to Direct! in the car, train, plane or office!


Kindle Format

Take it to your Marketing or Campaign meeting; improve your planning and creation process!


Worksheets & Cheatsheets!

Direct! comes with WORKSHEETS and CHECKLISTS to help you work up your new campaigns!


Print Version

Coming soon! A paper version - but don't wait, grab the kindle or audio version now.


DirectExtra FREEBIES!

Reader Resources and ongoing tools, for you the Reader!

Reasons to Buy

The definitive, powerful way to Direct Mail Marketing advantage....

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  • Take notes for Campaign Meetings, whilst Direct! is being read to you!

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